Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are from the state of Minas Gerais, a super fan of the wormate game. We started tinkering with improvements, watching lives and listening to the opinions of wormate players. We studied the system and saw that it was possible to implement improvements, we started developing the first projects in mid 2020, watching Maverick live, after that we found more partners and friends along the way, we faced several adversities at first, we are a couple we work together Luiz programmer, and Alice in whatsapp service with supporters, but thanks to a group of supporters and friends they didn’t let us give up. In January 2021, we managed to develop the authorized extension for the browser, CHROME, and over time we added more qualities. Today the extension benefits the user to

  1. Choose the server you want to play on;
    Choose whether to save the accumulated kills and HS;
  2. Choose game background color;
    Choose a wormworld skin, you can choose the identity number of the skin that other players will see you;
  3. The extension skin is only visible to your player;
  4. We developed a project called skinlab, where each player can create their own skin, and play with it;