Play With Respect

🌟 #PlayWithRespect 🌟

A United Community Against Offensive Names

Dear friends and fellow gamers, Together, we are stronger. Today, we launch the #PlayWithRespect campaign to make a significant change in our beloved game. We no longer want to see offensive and disrespectful names polluting the fun environment that we all share.

Why #PlayWithRespect?

  • ➡️ Because we deserve a friendly and inclusive gaming environment.
  • ➡️ Because offensive names have no place in our community.
  • ➡️ Because respect is the foundation of any enjoyable gaming experience.

What are we doing?

  • ✨ We have created a brand and a logo to represent our unity.
  • ✨ We extend our hand to all of you to join us on this journey.
  • ✨ As a special thank you, we offer **AN ADDITIONAL MONTH** of time on your skin to everyone who purchases a skin at Wormworld and adds the campaign logo.

How can you help?

  1. Add the campaign logo to your brand and use the hashtag #PlayWithRespect.
  2. Share this message and invite your friends to join us.

Together, we will create a more positive, respectful, and enjoyable environment for everyone. Change begins with each one of us. Let's show the world that we are a community that values respect and fun. Join us and help make the game better for all. Together, we can make a difference. 💪🎮