1 – The first extension developed for worldwide!

2 – More than 2 years in the market, we are in all continents: Asia, America and Arabia, present in more than 170 countries!!!

3 – We have more than 100 thousand users, counted by the google extension store, and more than 450 k registered and 220k in use at the base, we have a technology team at your disposal.

5 – We are the only ones to have a free version, with direct activation through the site: wormworld for people who cannot have the vip version. We have it for all types of people.

6 – We have the most modern skin system in the world!!!!
Only wormworld, has technology, for many skins without showing error in the game! Competitors say, that you have little skin to have faster game, LIE! it’s because it doesn’t have technology, WormWorld, the number 1 on the market!!!

7 – Other tools, which copy parts of the wormworld code, already exist, but they couldn’t get approval from the google store! Here’s an alert! beware, if you have to install a Tampermonkey extension to allow forcing download game file, beware!!!! It’s not safe, if it were safe it would have a Google security seal!!
Don’t trade the right for the dubious! Be part of the biggest extension of all, be a member of the biggest!

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